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We'd like to tell you about our Membership which supports you to Embrace a Truly Blissful Lifestyle Everyday.

Bliss is a beautiful thread woven through everyday life. It’s a concept of the heart, but is unfurled through every fiber of living: food, home, health, relationships, and all the things that bring loveliness to our days.
We want make your Truly Blissful life a reality.

The problem in most of our lives is that we get overwhelmed with daily duties and miss the blissful moments. Stress, busyness, crazy schedules, or even not having the know-how can keep us from living
a Truly Blissful life.

We are committed to linking arms with you on the journey so that you’re able to rise above your circumstances! 

We'll be with you step-by-step to see your life transformed into something beautiful!

With our Truly Blissful Living Membership,
you’ll begin living out the lovely way of life you’ve always desired.

Hi, I'm Darie, I'm the lady in the pic above. That's my husband, Marvin, and I at a vintage car festival this summer. I have spent years studying home, heart, and hearth, and then infusing joy into all areas of my life. From the kitchen to the medicine chest, from home decor to the very soul, I have mentored hundreds in the art of blissful living. My daughter Carolina has been by my side all the time and brings a beautiful creativity and lots of laughter to the fabric of all we do.

Our Truly Blissful Membership brings together all the wondrous things we've learned, how we've brought health and joy into our own home.
We'd like to share this lifestyle with you, so you can experience it too!

The key to Truly Blissful Living is simplicity.

We have a No-Overwhelm Policy. Every task is doable. You can go at your own pace, with us by your side, step-by-step. You’ll have the confidence it takes to move forward!
We want to make your life a little easier, and a whole lot more blissful by instilling
God's liberating priorities!

You'll learn simple ways to eat healthily, live joyfully, have a welcoming home, and have a spirit of loveliness that pervades your life.

A few ways you’ll learn or be involved~
✿Cooking classes
Live Q & A

✿Easy, enriching projects

✿Guided courses

Interviews with experts

✿Enriching articles

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Fill your cup with a taste of what you’ll learn in our
Truly Blissful Membership

and there's lots more than this - we just don’t have room to list it all!

How to stock a safe, natural medicine cabinet.

Natural herbal remedies are the foundation for our family medicines.

Decor inspired by our Farmhouse style.

We'll share tips and projects for creating a warm, welcoming home.

True Sourdough making simplified.

Sourdough should be on every home menu!  We've simplified it just for you!

How to make and use safe, natural cleaning products.

Chemicals cause allergies and more.  Learn to make safe, healthy cleaners.

Have Truly Blissful Health with our No-Overwhelm Success Path.

From your pantry to cooking and everything in between, you'll be on your way to a healthy you!

Teatime as a respite.

Taking time for tea (or your beverage of choice) can be a welcome time of blessing for you and those you share it with.

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How to live a more joyful life, no matter what.

Life is not always easy, but it can always be filled with joy!  

How to cook gourmet, yet simple, healthy dishes.

We'll teach you cooking basics, gourmet tea treats, Southern -style dishes, and much, much more!

Life should truly be blissful.

It should be filled with so much joy that it’s just
spilling out all over the place!

Cooking shouldn’t be stressful.
Your home should be peaceful.
Your health should be great.
Your mind should rest.

Let us help make your Truly Blissful life a reality.

Don't take it from us.
Hear from someone else about their Truly Blissful journey!

Truly Blissful really is its namesake.
It’s not about just your regular cooking or life tips, it is all about living a blissful lifestyle.
From cooking to keeping your home to raising kids to having your own business, Truly Blissful has helped me to recognize that there is joy to be found in even the most mundane tasks.

I have learned how to keep an organized and healthy pantry, which obviously helps with eating better. I have learned which foods to choose at the grocery store and how to read labels. I have gone from being able to follow a recipe to being able to just enjoy cooking by actually cooking… setting the recipe aside, looking at my dish with “all my eyes” (a saying Darie has said that will always stick with me!) and trusting my instincts and ideas to add, change or make up something completely different! Truly Blissful has taught me that and has given me the confidence to trust myself in the kitchen. I have been able to apply that same confidence in other areas of my life, which in turn, brings me so much joy!

Not only have I learned about healthy foods and how to cook them, but I have also learned how to de-stress the trying-to-be-healthy process, which over the years has caused me much anxiety and stress. Darie has taught me to start somewhere-anywhere-and make a change. Little by little you can get to the place you want to be, which is what made it so much more manageable for me. There wasn’t this ridiculous pressure to be perfect immediately. Life happens.  We live in a busy world and have go-go-go lives. It’s not always possible to eat perfectly healthy all the time, but we can do the best we can with what the Lord provides us. Truly Blissful has helped me to have grace on myself, not only in my food journey, but in life in general. Not only have I learned the practical things about cooking and eating, I have also been challenged to have joy through all that life throws at me. And on those days where it seems difficult to find joy in anything, Truly Blissful has reminded me to stop all the running for a moment, have some tea and spend time with the Lord (this is good to do on the easily joyful days too, of course!) What a good reminder!

Thank you Truly Blissful for encouraging joy in every area of my life.
What a difference it has made for me!

Lindsay~Texas, USA

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