Breadmaking Courses

Would you love to bake your own bread but think it's too hard?

Or do you think you HAVE to give up bread to be healthy?


Two Ways to Learn!

Whether you need a hands-on class, or you learn just fine with videos, we have the perfect option for YOU!

In-person Class in Our Farmhouse Kitchen

Are you the hands-on type who learns best by doing? Then join us on the farm in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee for a day of bread baking.  You'll spend the day making your very own bread!

Visit the farm!

Online Course with Videos and Written Instructions

Maybe you don't have time for an all-day class, or want to learn in your own kitchen. Our online course is for you! With video and written instructions, you'll be making bread in no time!

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FAQ's for the In-person Class

The In-person Class takes place in our farmhouse kitchen in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee, about 1 1/2 hours south of Nashville, TN.  

  • 9:00~Our day will start with tea and sourdough toast just in case you need a pick-me up after your journey to Spring Creek Hollow.  
  • You'll get an overview of the day and then dive right in! You'll be making lots of bread, so there'll be lots to get accomplished.  
  • 1:00~After a morning of dough, we'll pause for a lovely Afternoon Tea respite that will feature homemade delicacies and organic full-leaf tea.  
  • During tea you'll get to ask all the questions you'd like and get them all answered. After solving the world's's back to our bread!
  • Afternoon~We'll bake our bread and send you home between 5 and 6 p.m.
  • Full day of hands-on learning
  • Your very own starter to get you...started
  • How to properly care for a sourdough starter
  • Knead, prepare and bake sandwich loaves, focaccia, cinnamon pastry bread, and more
  • Enjoy a Full Afternoon Tea featuring a gourmet menu and sourdough bread
  • A Sourdough Bread Simplified Manual
  • All the bread you make to take home and enjoy
  • Unbaked focaccia that you'll make during the class to bake the day after the class in your own home
  • Ongoing support to keep you baking for years to come.

Online Course FAQ's

  • We've designed the online bread course in small bitesized pieces so you can make bread as you do the course and so you don't ever have to sit down for an hour to watch or read lessons.
  • Sourdough lends itself to a slower process, so naturally you will take each concept step by step.  You can easily read our easy instructions or rewatch a video if you don't understand a concept.
  1. Instructional videos for each concept and recipe filmed right in our kitchen.  We've tried to make the videos as realistic as possible so you get a real feel for making bread.
  2. Written instructions with each concept and recipe.
  3. Images to refer to for concepts and recipes.
  4. Access to our Sourdough Simplified Facebook Group.
  5. Starter to make bread with that we ship to you!
  6. Access to bread challenges to inspire your baking!
  7. New recipes as we perfect and add them to the course.

Yes!  We're here for ongoing support!  You'll be able to ask questions...

  • In our Facebook Group just for people enrolled in our bread course.
  • Via email and messenger.  You get direct access to Darie and Carolina.
  • During special Live Q & A

Yes!  Though we won't be standing next to you telling you exactly what to do, we've tried to make the videos similar to our in-person class.

We'll also be happy to assess pictures or videos of your bread to troubleshoot problems.

Though hands-on learning is generally the best way to learn a skill like baking bread, our course is definitely the next best thing, and you'll be making amazing bread in no time!

Yes.  We'll show you how to use a mixer and how to use your hands.  Both are easy to learn!

Great question!  We use freshly ground, whole grain flour.  

  • Whole grain has the nutrients intact.  The sourdough process allows these nutrients to be bioavailable.
  • We sift some of the bran out to allow the bread to be a bit lighter and to help with lowering anti-nutrients contained in bran.

Of course, you can use white flour to make sourdough bread.  

With our Sourdough Simplified Bread Course you’ll be able to make bread that is easy, delicious, and superbly healthy for your family and yourself. 

Our sourdough bread journey has paved the way for yours to be so much easier! 

Sweet Friend, I'm Darie Estill, and I LOVE bread!  About 15 years ago, I started taking my family on a real-food journey.  But there was a catch - I don't like food unless it tastes really good!  My goal became to eat healthy food that was delicious.

I searched out how to make sourdough bread that's easy and tastes amazing.  It took over 3 years and many loaves of dense, sour bread to get to where we are today and to be able to take others on an easier path than the one I traveled.  I hope that you have far fewer bricks (or none at all) and many more delicious loaves!


Our Sourdough Simplified Bread Course is just that - A simple and easy way for you to bake sourdough bread right in your own home.  You don't have to search for healthy bread you can eat anymore! 

Why do YOU need to bake your own sourdough bread?

Every family should have sourdough bread on their table.  It's a traditional, real food that people have eaten for millennia and for good reasons...

  • The fermentation process increases the beneficial bacteria for your body. Happy, happy gut!  This fermentation process also breaks down four gluten-forming proteins, so lots of folks with gluten intolerance can eat sourdough bread. (I do not recommend sourdough bread to those with Celiac Disease.  Please research for yourself.)
  • Sourdough bread has a lower glycemic index which will cause fewer blood sugar spikes.
  • Sourdough is easier to digest. The bacteria-yeast breaks down the starches in the grains which basically pre-digests the bread.  Yes!  
  • Fermented bread doesn't promote tooth decay!
  • Sourdough bread tastes amazing with much more flavor than fast-rising, yeasted, white flour bread!
Are you ready to bake your own easy-to-make sourdough bread?

No matter how you slice it, our Sourdough Simplified Bread Course will change the way you think about making your own bread! Here's a taste of what you'll learn...

Starter Care

Caring for a starter isn't complicated!  We'll show you everything you need to know about your bread starter, including sample schedules.

Great Recipes

You'll learn our favorite recipes like sandwich loaves, cinnamon pastry loaves, tortillas, and more!

Kneading & Rising

We'll show you how to knead by hand, with a mixer, and how to rise your bread evenly to get a complete ferment.

Tips for the Perfect Bread

We'll teach you a few tricks that will assure a light texture and deeply flavored bread.

Don't take it from us.
Hear from others about their
Sourdough Simplified Bread Course experience!

"As a volunteer chapter leader for the Weston A. Price Foundation, teaching others about how harmful nutrient-binding phytates found in legumes, nuts, seeds, and grains can be reduced by proper preparation like sprouting, soaking, or fermentation, I was thrilled to take Darie's sourdough class! Darie demystified the process with step-by-step, hands-on directions even I--who usually get confused with many steps to follow--was able to come away with the process under my belt enough to start baking sourdough bread. I would highly recommend Sourdough Bread Simplified, because I learned more than I ever imagined. I had read many books about making bread but just wasn't able to get the results I wanted. This class has given me the confidence to make excellent bread every time. "

Nancy Webster
Chapter Leader Weston A. Price

"Through the years I had tried to make sourdough bread, only to find out we couldn't stomach it, either due to being too sour or too chewy and tough! I gave up!  Along comes Darie's sourdough bread class.   Hmmm...Was her bread really any better than what I had tried to make?? The taste/texture was amazing!! It had a delicious taste! The lessons learned were invaluable and couldn't all be put in book form. Some things you can only learn by walking along with someone as you follow the process. And now, we have sourdough breads of all types and enjoy all of them!  We even make some to sell, with very happy customers!! It was definitely worth the time and money! "

Terri Taylor
Taylor Farms

"I had the best experience ever when I took a Sourdough Bread making class from Darie and Carolina. I was given the confidence I needed to make bread on my own. I had built it up in my head, that as much as I wanted to learn how to make my own bread, my experiences of making my own sourdough bread had always turned out bad. I was able to make it, and it tastes good! I definitely would take any class they would be teaching! "

Maggie Shadrick

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