From Yard to Table Simple Woodland Terrarium

home and garden Jul 11, 2018

Terrariums can seem like a daunting, complicated project, but our Simple Terrarium only takes a few minutes from start to finish! We’re not keen on complicated projects, so finding simple inspiration is important. Our family loves nature study and loves to bring our finds inside. This terrarium was born out of the observation of nature study, which is why anyone can easily tackle this project!

The trick to the ease of these little terrariums is that you don’t have to use rocks, charcoal or anything else that may complicate things. You can use your terrarium as a temporary centerpiece for a dinner or gathering, or as we used them which was for decoration on our buffet. If you want them to last a really long time, feel free to add charcoal as discussed below.


With the terrarium I’m featuring today, I got creative with my container. I was gifted an appetizer set (Thanks, Rachel!) but found that it wasn’t practical for appetizers. (I’m thinking it’s British-made from the spelling of “appetiser” on the box in the picture below.) Take a look at what’s under the glass domes. There’s maybe 8 or 10 pieces of each olives, cheese, and meat, and if you remove the dome, those olives are rolling off and heading to the floor…So, what I saw in my mind was 3 petite spaces for terrariums!

Use a container that you may have hiding in a closet or pantry. Or maybe when you drop by TJMaxx, pick up something inexpensive, but you’ll need to think outside the box. Those big glass containers can be pricey!


  • First, gather your material. I found moss, lichen, and ferns on our hillside, and some little mushrooms in the woods. When I gathered my plants, I kept them attached to their growing medium, i.e. dirt, bits of wood, humus. What if you don’t have a hillside and woods? Well, don’t hunt for plants at the nearest state or national park!! Instead, look in your backyard. Do you see clover? Moss? Little flowers? Get creative! If not, try the nearest city park, or a roadside. Nature is all around! There is plenty to choose from if you just look.

  • Second, if you want your terrariums to last a really long time without mold, simply sprinkle about 1/4-1/2 teaspoon of activated charcoal in the bottom of your planter. If you don’t have charcoal, please don’t let that stop you from doing this sweet, little project! Your terrarium doesn’t have to last for years!! Now, add dirt if needed. My plants still had their dirt, so I didn’t need to add any.
  • Third, add your tiny plants and spritz with water. All you need to do now is keep them spritzed with water from time to time. If they start to die or mold, it’s okay! Start over with new plants and have a whole new nature study exhibit!

My terrariums were simple, since I simply placed these little vignettes on my board, spritzed with water and replaced the glass domes. Easy, right?

There you go! Just like that, you have a super easy terrarium!


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From Yard to Table Simple Woodland Terrarium


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