Simple Teapot Table Decor

We're never particularly fancy decorators, but we DO absolutely love to create a space of warmth and beauty.  Many times that means flowers on tables, in windowsills, and on bedside tables.  But what about when we don't have flowers?  

Here's a simple idea that we use a lot.  Simply take similar items and group them together.  We have quite a few teapots.  The ones we used here are very different than the ones we actually use to serve tea in, though we do use a couple of these from time to time.  But in a row, down the middle of the table, they look fabulous! 

Truly Blissful Tips

  • Don't fret over decor!  Use what you have.
  • Groupings of similar items make a lovely and interesting centerpiece.
  • Common, everyday objects can make beautiful displays in your home.

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Simple Teapot Table Decor


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