Simple Pleasure In My Window Sill

Happy September, Friends!


Today I’m sharing something very simple, though lovely, and that is quite literally “What’s in My Window Sill”. So what is in my window sill? Well, this week I have several little nosegays of flowers that I gathered either from the garden or wild fields, proudly displayed in a tiny cream pitcher, and maple syrup bottles from Cracker Barrel (Seriously, if you ever go to Cracker Barrel, bring home those cute little bottles, scrub off the label-and voila! A perfect teeny flower bottle!)


But why would I go to the trouble of decorating my window sill? Aren’t these spaces usually either bare or cluttered with junk? I desire for my room to be a place that I walk into and think, ” Ah, this is such a lovely room. I feel happy and peaceful in here.” And I want to feel that way right down to the window sills. Now, mind you, my room is not always perfect. Ha! Sometimes my bed is stripped of sheets, laundry laying on the bare bed waiting to be put away, and perhaps my dog has decorated the floor with a stack of my papers…then add Walter Mitty, my amazing flower eating kitty…hmm…lovely ideals momentarily dashed, but the spirit of lovelieness is still there. Spirit of Loveliness you ask? That means allowing the simple beauty the Lord has placed within you to come out to bless your home thus blessing family, friends, and YOU!

So, maybe you cannot redecorate your home, or get that grand new set of furniture, or maybe you don’t even have a home of your own at the moment, but you can still let the spirit of loveliness come out, even if you’re just sticking a maple syrup bottle of wild flowers in your window sill.


Well, Friends, let me know in the comments how you’ve blessed your little corner of the world with the spirit of loveliness this week! Even better, come to our sweet community ~Truly Blissful Living~and post pictures so we can oooh and ahhh over them. 😉 (You’ll also get to have a virtual tea with us every Tuesday!)



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Simple Pleasure In My Window Sill


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