Farm Fresh on My Counter

simple pleasures Dec 09, 2017

The lowly egg is one of my SIMPLE PLEASURES. Kept hidden in the refrigerator, it’s just a breakfast protein or what we use for baked goods. When displayed in a pretty bowl on my counter, eggs become a work of art.

This week I don’t have any white, green or blue eggs, but when I do, all the better! If you have eggs that can be left **out of the refrigerator, I encourage you to add a bit of beauty to your counter, and enjoy a simple pleasure.

**Please be aware that if you purchased your eggs at the store, you must store them in the refrigerator. Why? Because store eggs have had the naturally occurring coating washed away and are now susceptible to decay. Farm fresh eggs that haven’t be washed, but only wiped or brushed, are counter safe.

How do you display your eggs?

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