What is Bliss? You can have joy no matter what.

inspiration Sep 19, 2018


Do you have the perfect life? Everything goes just right all of the time? I’m guessing you don’t. I’m not even sure what it would be like to never have a worry, never have anything go wrong, never have a day when I don’t want to get out of bed. The important question is this: Do you have JOY no matter what?


I’m not talking about Utopia, the pretend land of perfection. I’m talking about bliss. As I’ve mulled the idea of bliss over in my mind, started a restaurant with the name Bliss, created an online community about Truly Blissful Living, mentored others to have bliss, and considered my life as one of bliss, or not, I’ve realized that knowing what the word means is extremely important. I’ve researched the roots to find that my choice of word has indeed been accurate.

I consulted Webster’s 3rd Dictionary from 1961 and could hardly believe what bliss encompasses. Bliss means 1: a state of complete or ecstatic happiness (Okay, no surprise there.) 2a: the perfect and exalted joy of saved souls. (What? Salvation is involved?) The online dictionary says 1: utter joy or contentment. Now I’ll give you my definition. Bliss is having joy no matter what. It’s a contentment that’s driven so deeply in the soul that all it’s able to tap is joy. For me, it’s rooted in Christ, the only true source of salvation. It’s attainable right here on earth. Bliss is reachable for everyone and can’t be taken away, it can only be forfeited.


Why do I focus on this concept? Why do I want a movement to birth out of Truly Blissful Living? Because I know I’m not the only one who has had days of waking up and thinking, “Oh, God. I have to do this all over again today. I have to get out of bed and function.” I’ve had moments of such anxiety that I couldn’t get a deep breath. There was a day that I thought if I ran my car into a tree, it would be best. Honestly, I’m wondering why and how I’m sharing this with you. I’m feeling grief for that person who is myself. My childhood wasn’t perfect. My marriage has had very hard moments. Rearing 5 children is painful and exhausting at times. Friends and family have deserted. Churches have failed me. Finances. Overwhelm. World events. Job worries. It’s all there, the whole package of living in a broken world. But…

There is HOPE. We don’t have to live under that brokenness and stress. Have you watched any of our Facebook Lives? The laughter is real. I’m one joyful, goofy so and so. Because I refuse to forfeit what is rightfully mine. Joy is rightfully mine. This year I have been in the hospital with pneumonia, and then back in bed again with Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. I deal with adrenal issues, too. Life isn’t perfect, but it’s filled with joy and goodness.

So I want to encourage you. Don’t give up. Joy is yours to choose. Oh, and if you’d like a bit of community for your Truly Blissful Living journey, join our Facebook Group: Truly Blissful Living


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What is Bliss? You can have joy no matter what.


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